Space is so frikkin cool, I love it so much. I hope to be an Astrophysicist someday, enough about that and on with the post. I wrote space because it is a an interesting topic and the most recent topic about space is Mars. We are trying to colonize Mars in the near future, now […]

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habitat assessment: creek

Yesterday my entomology class went to a local creek to study the bugs and life around it. It was really cool to fish a lot of bug out of the water. We got lots of benthic macroinvertebrates such as a mayfly (dragonfly), damselflies, all in different instars (stages of growth). We also got lots of […]

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The struggle

Isn’t annoying when you have a plan and want everything to fall according to it, but one little thing comes and messes it up. It’s not a huge annoyance but it does linger and bother you. I have one of those today, I’ve been wanting my application to be turned in today for the apartment […]

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Senior project

I am all caught up with my school work and my grades are passing, but the thing i’m most worried about is senior project. That is gonna take a huge chunk of time during school, and it’ll make me very frustrated; but i need to stick through and get that paper done because once I’m […]

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double wow

The more I think about it, the more I can’t way for it to happen. Its really weird to think about the fact that I am graduating in January, and am weeks away from signing a lease and getting my own apartment. Honestly growing up isn’t that hard at all, besides the fact that i’ll […]

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