star gazing

Last night I tried to go stargazing with a friend, so my friend comes over and we head out. The entire way to the spot was clear, but as soon as we got there the sky was covered by clouds, so the whole 30 minute ride was a waste of time. So we sat there for a bit and talked then we realize that there was no point to be there so we left. I got very sad.


4 thoughts on “star gazing

  1. Did you ever go out star gazing again? There are a lot of awesome spots around here. Sometimes having a star map for the night is also helpful when trying to find out what you’re looking at. In my opinion, everything has a point even if it didn’t end up being exactly what you were thinking.


      1. Last night there was a supermoon lunar eclipse that turned the moon red and made it grow by 14%. I was at work when this rare phenomena happened, but I was lucky enough to get a break and observe. It was quite awesome! I hope you were able to see it too since it happens once every 30-ish years!


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