The struggle

Isn’t annoying when you have a plan and want everything to fall according to it, but one little thing comes and messes it up. It’s not a huge annoyance but it does linger and bother you. I have one of those today, I’ve been wanting my application to be turned in today for the apartment and i had everything signed and ready, then i forgot that i never gave it to my mom to co-sign so i have to wait till tomorrow; which isn’t a big deal but i wanted this application off my back. The sooner it gets done and turned in the sooner i can feel less stressed and be that much closer to my new place. But between Josie and I, I feel as if i’m the only one that thinks this is really important, but she just acts as if it will stay there forever or something. It is really annoying seeing all my friends think there are other things more important other than getting a job and there own place. Honestly its not hard to grow up, its not hard to go to an Alt school and work 34 hours a week, but some people just want to borrow money from parents and live under their roof. LOL


9 thoughts on “The struggle

  1. Dude I know the feeling, I definitely like to prioritize the things that stress me out the most and like to do something to make myself feel better about it. It is nice once you find the resolution to the problem at hand.


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