habitat assessment: creek

Yesterday my entomology class went to a local creek to study the bugs and life around it. It was really cool to fish a lot of bug out of the water. We got lots of benthic macroinvertebrates such as a mayfly (dragonfly), damselflies, all in different instars (stages of growth). We also got lots of leeches, clams and snails. We tested the pH of the water, the transparency of the water, and the dissolved oxygen in it. We studied the form of the creek, if it was trapezoidal, rectangular, or inverse trapezoidal; we also studied the riparian zone, and the vegetation in and around the water. This was really a fun project, it was great getting all of the bugs i’ve been learning about and it was really cool to use my knowledge about them to see what instar they are in or if the are male or female. I suggest that anyone should go and do this, you could learn a lot about your region’s water quality.


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