Space is so frikkin cool, I love it so much. I hope to be an Astrophysicist someday, enough about that and on with the post. I wrote space because it is a an interesting topic and the most recent topic about space is Mars. We are trying to colonize Mars in the near future, now that will be a giant feat, mainly because of the lack of oxygen problem up there but also the transportation problem. Mars is 401 millions kilometers away, or 249 million miles away. In perspective Earth is 24, 901 miles in circumference, If we stacked earth to earth it would take 999.95 earths to reach it. So being able to reach it with a human being on board would be a huge feat.

Things that present a problem are long term effects of space on the human body, transportation, and fuel; not just amount but if it is sustainable enough for the trip. And if we wanted to go further than that, well then all of our problems now would be doubled or more. Also the idea of colonizing a planet with barely no atmosphere, so even if we made the trip, we would still have greater projects with building living spaces on the planet. Oxygen would be the biggest problem, but if we progress further in science and develop things to help then we re golden. But until then we should stay our sad arses on our dying planet, sad day Earth.


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